ONE GOLDEN ANGEL is an Independent Memorial Charity to help rescue, support and rehabilitate trafficked, orphaned, and exploited children and women in Nepal.  Its mission is to seek out and deliver aid directly to the most needy and vulnerable at source. 

The charity founded the unique Golden Angel Emergency Home and sponsors the Humanitarian Concern Centre for 20 orphaned children in Kathmandu.  It provides vocational training to survivors of sexual exploitation, supplies essential kitchen equipment to impoverished children’s homes, pays the university and school fees of destitute students, and the surgery and medical expenses of young accident and earthquake victims.  It provides emergency relief in a crisis and food to the hungry, as well as performing random acts of kindness when funds permit.   

THE GOLDEN ANGEL EMERGENCY HOME for rescued trafficked, abused, and sexually exploited children, the first of its kind in Nepal, opened in December 2016.  It provides an immediate safe refuge and counselling for rescued minors and teens for up to 3 months before being referred to other care agencies.  The Emergency Home has rescued and rehabilitated around 50 children to date and is based in a quiet suburb of Kathmandu. 

THE HUMANITARIAN CONCERN CENTRE is an independent family-run home for 20 orphans and destitute children between the ages of 6 and 16, most of whom have spent their entire childhood there.  The accommodation consists of a group of temporary buildings on a small plot of rented land on the outskirts of Kathmandu.  The children are happy, well cared for and loved, but their home is very basic and in desperate need of improvement and financial support.  One Golden Angel began helping the orphanage in 2016 after a fortuitous chance meeting and is now its main sponsor: paying the rent and utility bills, buying household equipment, bedding and clothing, paying medical bills, school fees and other expenses as they arise.  Fred Wilkinson was appointed a Director of the home in December 2018.  

THE CHARITY was created in Memory of artist and poet Maureen Wilkinson, my wife and soulmate (above) who passed away in October 2015.  The charity is run entirely on a voluntary basis by me, Fred Wilkinson.  I normally make 3 or 4 trips to Nepal annually, each lasting around a month, to administer the charity, identify priorities, and personally deliver aid where it is needed.  All personal expenses including flights, hotel bills and meals in Nepal are met from my own pocket, and EVERY PENNY raised is spent directly on funding One Golden Angel's humanitarian projects that improve the quality of life for children and alleviate suffering.  

The charity is largely funded by myself and the generosity of my friends and acquaintances and is currently too small to benefit from formal registration.  Annual commitments are steadily increasing and it's always a struggle to make ends meet.  Funds are at an all-time low so please Donate, Sponsor, Fundraise or Buy one of Maureen's Prints and make a real difference to a young life.  Thank you so much.  Fred Wilkinson (May 2021). 

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Bank Transfers: Charity Account Name: W. F. Wilkinson.   Account Number: 45166226. Sort Code: 52-41-31. IBAN: GB06NWBK52413145166226.  BIC: NWBKGB2L

MAUREEN WILKINSON was an artist and poet. We fell in love aged 16 on our first day at Goldsmiths Art School and were soulmates for more than half a century. She was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in September 2012 and after surgery and chemotherapy enjoyed a period of remission. Our last holiday together was to Nepal in March 2015. We loved its people and vibrant culture, but were constantly reminded of the extreme poverty and obscene injustices that many endure. We were particularly moved by the plight of thousands of trafficked, orphaned and exploited children and young women, and hoped to do something about it on our return.  Sadly, Maureen's premature death in October 2015 prevented the realization of a charitable venture during her lifetime. One Golden Angel was created in her memory (Photo: The week we met).

Fine Art Prints of Maureen's wonderful paintings and collages are available to buy on this website, with all proceeds going to the One Golden Angel Charity.

 Collages and Paintings by Maureen Wilkinson
Collages (top row): Fruit, The Terraced Garden, Chocolate Cake, 100 Reasons to be Happy
Paintings: A Woman Peeling Apples - The earth Turning, Fox Island, The Clifftop Gardener 

Banner Photo: Three happy, healthy and loved children from a remote mountain village - not all are so fortunate!