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BRICK FACTORY: Children at a Brick Factory gather around to see their photos in the moniter.  It's a public holiday and they are wearing their best clothes, but only 3 of the 15 have shoes on their feet.  

The older children work at the factory making bricks for about £1.30 ($1.65) a day, while many of the younger ones will be 'helping' their parents for nothing.  Very few, if any, attend school. Brick factories are notorious employers of trafficked and underage children.

ORPHANAGE VISIT: An emotionally draining moment (left) as these childen at a corrupt orphanage in Kathmandu rushed into my arms.  Their desperate need for attention and love was pitiful!  

There was nothing in their drab home to engage, entertain or challenge them, so I returned next day with balls, dolls, teddies, flutes, trucks, abacas, construction toys, crayons and paper, plus diapers and a portable radio casette player.  The children were overjoyed and the whole atmosphere was transformed in a moment!

Sadly, when I made an unannounced return visit a few months later I met the same barren environment that I found the first time...bored and listless children, and not a toy in sight! So many orphanages and NGOs are fake institutions with corrupt administrators intent on fleecing well-meaning visitors.  Needless to say I was desperately sad and very angry.  Lesson learned!