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Collage - by Maureen Wilkinson

The In Tray

Medium (18" x 14.75") = £50.00
Small (13" x 10.5") = £35.00

Collage - by Maureen Wilkinson
Maureen produced this collage in 2010 and later wrote "For some time I prepared the accounts and paperwork for our fair trade Art & Crafts business.  My computer and desk stand in the corner of my studio, as do a number of large and well-laden bookcases, so that I am constantly tempted to paint, write or read rather than do 'office' work.  I noticed one day that the 'In Tray' of items waiting to be filed had acquired several books and a very nice pot plant."
The original collage has been sold to dear friends and is now in their private collection, but the print looks fantastic.  When I look at the book titles in this picture I am reminded of the breadth of Maureen's interests and her passion for nature, art, poetry, magic, mythology, psychology, budhhism, health and travel.  They reveal as much about her as the picture's subject matter!
This fine art Giclee print is on high quality achival paper.  It is supplied unmounted and unframed for ease of shipping, and will be safely packed inside a strong postal tube.  Please allow up to 10 days for delivery worldwide.
NOTE:  Sadly there or no more signed prints of this collage.

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